2012 UAV Outback Challenge

CanberraUAV was formed to campaign for the 2012 UAV Outback Challenge, an international amateur UAV search and rescue competition. We won first place and were awarded perfect score for the search component, but suffered a malfunction that prevented us from accomplishing the rescue component.

The 2014 competition was announced on 27/02/2013, we will enter and expect to improve on our 2012 performance.


The above image shows the team members present at the awards ceremony on day 3 of the competition, it doesn’t include the members that had to travel home before them, or the wider community that contributed to our efforts.

For more information about the event:


The competition requires passing various development and documentation milestones prior to the event. These are the documents we submitted:

Procedures and Reference

We also created the following documents for our own use at the competition (and practice flights):

After the Challenge

In addition to Tridge’s write-up on DIYDrones, we documented our post-competition review here: