2016 UAV Challenge

The 2016 UAV Challenge (Medical Express) was the 3rd time CanberraUAV had entered the competition.

We came 1st place, successfully landing 40.6m from Outback Joe and returning safely to the base. Unfortunately the comms relay UAV crashed partway through the mission.

A total of 10 teams made it to Dalby, with 3 teams finding Joe and only CanberraUAV performing a successful landing next to Joe.

For more information about the event:

Hardware/Software used

Airframe1: VQ Porter (2.7m wingspan. 14kg takeoff weight) with DLE35 engine

Airframe2: Gaui GX9 (2m rotorspan)

Flight Controller: Pixhawk running APM:Plane (Porter) and APM:Copter (GX9)

Datalink1: RFD900’s with 3dBi patch antennas of the aircraft and 6dBi Yagi antenna of the ground

Datalink2: 3G modems using the Telstra and Optus networks

Camera: PointGrey Chameleon

Image Processing: Odroid XU board running Linux and the cuav imaging software

Ground Station: 2 networked laptops running the MAVProxy GCS software.

Procedures and Reference

We also created the following documents for our own use at the competition (and practice flights):

The rules:


After the Challenge

There is a review by Tridge on the Ardupilot forums: