CanberraUAV Workshop 1.0 (Jan 2017)

This workshop covered a detailed look at some of the technologies CanberraUAV used in it’s (open-source) UAV’s.

The aim of the workshop was to educate people on how to understand, use and extend some of these technologies.

It was aimed at both Windows and Linux users, with no previous experience or knowledge required.

For the practical sessions of the workshop, a laptop is required with the Ardupilot development environment installed ( for Linux or for Windows).

There were 3 parts to the workshop:

CanberraUAV Intro (pdf), CanberraUAV Intro (pptx)

Ardupilot (pdf), Ardupilot (pptx)

Ground Control Station (pdf), Ground Control Station (pptx)

Communications (pdf), Communications (pptx)